Computer Office Application

Computer Office Application

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About the Course

you can create and type Letters, Reports, Memos, Proposals, Newsletters, Brochures, Graphical presentations, Web pages, etc.

Excel is used for preparing Company profiles in the form of Charts and Graphs. Excel stores the accounting spreadsheets in Electronic form. Create formulas on worksheets. It’s easy and fast.

With Microsoft Powerpoint you can create Company Presentations and Profiles. You can also create training presentations.

Access is used for preparing the database. You can store Data and next time open any data in a short time.

You can install any software, Windows setup, create folder/shortcut, use USB, CD disk, Pendrive, Maintenance Anti Virus, Scan Virus .

Search Internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email send & receive, Messenger, Skype, YouTube, Download, Gmail, Search Engine Google, Search Engine Yahoo, Job Search.

DirectoryFire Provide and get technical support, product information, communication, or collaboration on the project in almost zero time.

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